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Our dispensary banking solutions ensure effortless transfers

Confia is a reliable financial network that brings cannabis operators closer together. We enable a streamlined flow of money between the key figures in the industry. With our Buyer Membership, buyers are able to obtain quality products without any inconveniences or impediments. By acquiring your dispensary banking account, you can make purchases in a hassle-free, transparent, and expedient process. The transactions are realized and recorded using sophisticated software, which ensures compliance with relevant regulations.

Buyer-centered services

Cannabis marketplace buyers can optimize their operations with our targeted dispensary banking solutions.

Dependable, user-friendly system

Acquire products using our efficient and intuitive platform. It brings buyers comfort, ease, and peace of mind.

Transparency & legal compliance

With Confia, your transactions are processed and monitored to ensure legal compliance.

Sleek business marketplace transfers

Confia allows for an unrestricted flow of money between buyers and other members of the cannabis industry. With our Buyer Membership package, you get a dispensary banking account plus access fast and secure B2B payments. We facilitate your financial operations with reliable payment processing and adherence to compliance regulations.

Time-saving onboarding procedures

Typically, a cannabis dispensary has trouble finding a bank to work with, but Confia lets you open a FDIC-eligible account without difficulties. Our expedient onboarding process means you’ll quickly be able to purchase products digitally. Apply for your membership, get rapid approval, and start managing your transactions effectively and smoothly.

Confia Cannabis Dispensary Banking

Why you need our innovative banking solutions

Cannabis operators, including dispensaries, require extensive banking support to grow their businesses, consolidate their brands, and boost sales. Confia allows you to keep track of finances remotely and maintain stock by digitally paying for merchandise. You’ll conduct transactions with added convenience and speed, giving your customers greater quality.

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Why our dispensary banking account is the best choice for buyers

Confia provides you with unwavering assistance during your climb to the top of the industry. You can expect a wide range of benefits that will establish your brand as a staple in the market.


Our refined tech saves you time and spares you the hassle, allowing you to focus on sales instead.


We make the process of obtaining products easier for buyers in the cannabis industry.


Your cashless B2B payments will be processed automatically for your peace of mind.


By keeping up with your consumers’ demands, you’ll stand out in a competitive market.


Your clients will have a steady supply of quality products, making them trust your brand.

Bigger market

Boost sales and increase revenue with our personalized dispensary banking solutions.

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Confia Buyer


  • Bank Account Requirement
  • Business Marketplace Payments

Confia Transact

Merchant Account

  • Bank Account Requirement
  • Business Marketplace Payments
  • Consumer Web/POS Payments
  • Confia Payroll Processing
  • Lending Program Access

Confia Financial


  • Business Marketplace Payments
  • Consumer Web/POS Payments
  • Confia Payroll Processing
  • Lending Program Access
  • Confia Account
  • Cash Deposits
  • Bill Pay / Tax Remittances
  • B2B Payments
  • Incoming / Outgoing ACH
  • Incoming / Outgoing Wire
  • Digital Check Deposit
  • Confia Dailypay Payroll

Frequently Asked Questions

Can dispensaries have bank accounts?

Due to the legal restrictions imposed by the federal government, cannabis operators, including dispensaries, usually come up against difficulties when trying to obtain banking services. Banks are generally hesitant to cooperate with them because they deem them high-risk. 

However, aspiring operators can team up with trustworthy banking partners, such as Confia. Our Buyer Membership includes rapid onboarding, FDIC-eligible bank accounts, and unlimited account balance. You’ll be able to transfer money and buy your merchandise by logging onto our easy-to-use platform.

Where do dispensaries get their products?

Generally, dispensaries are retailers that sell cannabis, but don’t cultivate it. They need a reliable supply of products to keep their operations going. Cultivation requires a different set of skills and resources, so it’s mostly done by specialized manufacturers. 

A dispensary needs to find the products that cater to their target clientele, identify the cultivators that produce quality goods, and purchase them. This process is made easier with reliable banking services.

How do growers sell to dispensaries?

While cannabis operators have long been under pressure to resort to cash payments, this puts them at risk of being fined, losing their license, and going out of business. This is why revolutionary financial networks like Confia designed dependable dispensary banking solutions

Our Buyer Membership is ideal for dispensaries looking for a streamlined, digital platform to help them purchase goods from growers. Both retailers and cultivators can be at ease because they’ll be doing business much the same way as companies in other industries do.

What to look for in a dispensary banking partner?

In order to get the best cannabis dispensary banking account, make sure that your provider offers a toolkit that fits your needs, such as:

  • Expedited onboarding
  • High-tech, intuitive platform
  • FDIC-eligible bank accounts with unlimited balance
  • Transparent and compliant banking solutions
  • Access to funding

Confia’s Buyer Membership covers services that are essential to every thriving dispensary. Contact us for more information.

Where can I find robust dispensary banking solutions?

Confia is a leading financial service committed to raising the bar for dispensary banking with every service we provide. Apart from our practical Buyer Membership package, you can choose our full-scale Financial Membership or opt for the helpful Confia Transact Membership. They cover automated payroll processing and multiple other additional services. 

We can also give dispensaries a variety of funding opportunities as well as find financing strategies for other cannabis operators. Select your package, reach out to us, and stand out in a fierce industry.