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Top-tier cannabis financial services that simplify your operations

Confia is the leading provider of comprehensive cannabis banking services, which include B2B payment processing, bill pay and tax remittances, and business marketplace payments. We help growing cannabis operators overcome the challenges they face with affordable, easily accessible, and personalized financial services. We can further streamline your operations with a wide scope of other options, like payroll processing, access to cannabis funding, and low-cost cash deposits.

Custom solutions

You can eliminate the obstacles that stand in the way of your business’s success with our robust, reliable, and fully-tailored cannabis banking system.

Sophisticated platform

Our payment platform is regulated, compliant, and archival. It is based on the Distributed Ledger of Record, which is vital for maintaining an audit trail.

Stringent compliance

Our cannabis banking services maintain full compliance with relevant regulations, making sure that your financial operations are legal and transparent.

B2B Payments

Being a registered Money Services Business with FDIC-eligible accounts, Confia provides efficient and personalized B2B cannabis payment processing. Thanks to our fast, reliable, and secure processing solutions, your transactions are finalized promptly and effortlessly. These escrow-based transactions facilitate and speed up the movement of money within the cannabis supply chain. In addition, you are able to keep track of them via our user-friendly portal. You can expect:

  • Smooth payment realization
  • Time-saving and convenient service
  • Automated recording of every transaction

Bill Pay/Tax Remittances

In addition to our other cannabis financial services, our team will handle your bill pay duties and tax remittances. Rely on us to keep your bill and tax payments in line with strict procedures that ensure legal compliance. With Confia, these processes will run smoothly and on time. By taking these responsibilities off your shoulders, we’ll let you focus on developing your brand without distractions.

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Business Marketplace Payments

You can put Confia in charge of your business marketplace payments to make sure that their flow is uninterrupted. Our secure transaction processing enables customers to pay businesses digitally without any hassle. We’ll handle your compliance, reporting, and tax concerns using our expertise, time-tested approach, and a high-tech automated system. Get access to our easy-to-use cannabis banking platform to earn more today.

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Step into the future of the cannabis industry with Confia

Explore the wide range of other services we offer:

Lending Program Access

We can be your ticket to a variety of cannabis funding opportunities.

We help operators obtain the capital that will help them move their businesses forward. We offer expedited diligence and pre-approval processing.

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Confia Payroll Processing

We’ll handle your payroll management with ease and precision.

Confia’s automated payroll management system brings lasting peace of mind to operators looking to streamline these procedures in a compliant way.

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Confia Account

We offer FDIC-eligible accounts with unlimited account balance.

Your streamlined Confia account enables you to transfer money and obtain other benefits that were previously inaccessible to cannabis operators.

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Confia DailyPay Payroll

DailyPay streamlines your payroll system, offering added flexibility.

This system has set new standards for payroll processing because it seamlessly integrates your payroll and time-keeping.

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Cash Deposits

With Confia, cannabis operators can make cash deposits at a low cost.

Grow and expand your business by making use of streamlined cash deposits, which come at no hidden fees.

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Incoming / Outgoing ACH

Take advantage of our precise and secure ACH transfer processing.

Transfer and receive funds securely, quickly, and effortlessly with our ACH payment management services.

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Incoming / Outgoing Wire

We enable you to send or receive funds in an easy and intuitive manner.

Wire transfers are a fast and convenient way to move funds, especially when managed and processed by Confia.

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Digital Check Deposit

Deposit cash digitally from any location with maximum protection.

With this convenient service from our offer, you can count on making secure and streamlined digital deposits at any time.

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Consumer Web / POS Payments

POS payment processing enables your customers to purchase from you easily.

Consumers will have a more pleasant experience purchasing your products with our digital payment options.

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Your shortcut to efficient cannabis banking solutions

Confia provides a practical toolkit that includes multiple cannabis banking options, from opening FDIC-eligible accounts with unlimited account balance to API-powered payment processing and tax and bill pay management. We have the answer to cannabis operators’ unique needs.

Our compliance program relies on cutting-edge software that lets you do business transparently. It consists of rapid onboarding, automated CTR and SAR filing, tax payment processing, and reporting in real time. Our assistance ensures you stay in line with relevant regulations.

You can access our MSO banking services from several locations across the USA. So far, we have made our efficient cannabis banking solutions available in Massachusetts and California. Our network has the potential to grow and reach more cannabis operators in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the biggest cannabis banking challenges?

The legal cannabis industry is experiencing a growth spurt, but federal law still imposes significant hurdles for the business in this industry. Because they’re labeled high-risk, banks typically refuse to offer these operators the banking capabilities necessary to run their business. 

Even if a company has access to financial services, they may still have trouble transferring or receiving money because there are few card networks that accommodate them. This is why many cannabis operators are forced to operate in cash, creating a host of potential issues with the law.

Thankfully, Confia’s can supply your cannabis business with expertise-based banking services that protect you with legality issues. Our dedicated team keeps up with the latest cannabis legislation to make sure your operations are compliant with it at all times.

What are the best banking options for cannabis operators?

Navigating a high-risk industry without the guidance of competent banking experts can be tricky because there are numerous pitfalls to watch out for. However, you can still avoid the risks of running a cash-operated business and failing to meet cannabis regulations. A reputable provider of cannabis financial solutions renders different options that can put you at ease and facilitate your operations. 

By choosing a trustworthy partner like Confia, you’ll enter a world of simplified and innovative banking services. We process your payments rapidly and efficiently, keeping detailed financial records of every transaction. Your tax remittances, bill pay, and other financial duties will be in competent hands.

Are there digital payments in the cannabis industry?

Although digital payment is the norm in other industries, it was traditionally out of bounds for customers purchasing cannabis. Luckily, it is now available thanks to the pioneering providers of cannabis banking solutions.  

Confia offers touchless digital payment to operators in California and Massachusetts. This service makes it much easier for consumers to buy hemp-based products. Each transfer is recorded to guarantee legal compliance. Contactless payments remove a large hurdle that once kept operators from growing their businesses.

Why is compliance important in the cannabis industry?

The authorities want to make sure that you operate transparently, so they expect you to follow strict compliance rules. For example, your transactions should be filed and monitored for suspicious activity, like money laundering or terrorist financing. Providers of reliable cannabis banking services understand the ins and outs of financial law and can assist you with it.

If cannabis operators violate any of the industry-relevant regulations, they are in danger of legal repercussions. This could ruin your reputation. In more serious cases, it could put a temporary stop to your operations or even force you to permanently close your doors.

Where can I find dependable cannabing banking solutions?

Confia is a financial network that brings cannabis operators the advantages they deserve but don’t otherwise have access to. If your business is located in California or Massachusetts, our cannabis banking solutions are at your disposal. 

Opt for a service package that meets your needs and enjoy the highest standards of financial assistance in your industry. Log onto your online account from any location to monitor your transactions, make deposits, and watch your business blossom. Find the key to conquering the cannabis industry!