Top 6 Tips for Boosting Cannabis Cultivation

In order to maximize their return on investment, cannabis growers must find ways to boost yields, maintain quality, prevent pest infestations, obtain reliable 420 financial services, and otherwise optimize their operations. Extensive research and preparation is therefore necessary to ensure the success of a business and keep investors, vendors and customers happy.

We’ve previously discussed some of the many challenges cannabis cultivators contend with on a daily basis and explained how cannabis operators can ensure compliance for their businesses. Now we’ll help cultivators increase their yields by providing 6 time-tested tips on how to set up facilities for maximum productivity. Read on.

How to improve productivity as a cannabis grower?

As with any business, owners should strive to hire experienced individuals who are passionate about the work they do. Likewise, when introducing changes into your operation (such as new equipment or supplies), the safest way to do so is in increments rather than all at once. At the end of the day, cannabis growing is a marathon rather than a sprint.

Here are 6 more ways to increase your cannabis yields:

1. Spacing and airflow are key

Cannabis needs space and light to grow and develop. A great way to keep your plants from growing too close to one another is by tying them down while they’re still young to maintain spacing. Installing fans and filters can also help.

2. Prune properly

Pruning helps promote yield increases in plants and removes underdeveloped buds. This will cause the plant to produce buds that, although not as numerous, are bigger and healthier. Pruning during the vegetation stage promotes recovery and growth. Also, you can ward off some pests by pruning the lower branches.

3. Maintain healthy carbon dioxide (CO2) levels

CO2 is instrumental in photosynthesis, which directly affects how much a cannabis plant will grow. Too much or too little CO2 can greatly limit your yields or even kill your plants. Ideally, the CO2 levels should be above 250 PPM.

Investing in a CO2 generator or compressed CO2 is both the most effective and expensive way to obtain the necessary CO2. More affordable, but less effective ways to get the required CO2 include CO2 bags, fermentation, dry ice, and compost.

4. Improve water quality

Domestic water frequently contains dissolved solids such as fluoride and chlorine that can negatively impact the yields a cannabis plant may produce. To combat this issue, cultivators should invest in quality filtration or a reverse osmosis system, and regularly replace the filters.

5. Buy from reputable seed banks

When buying cannabis seeds, you usually get what you pay for. That’s why it’s strongly recommended that you purchase from a respected cannabis seed bank that offers seeds with the best genetics. Cloning is also a great option. As with seeds, be sure to buy your clones from trusted sources.

6. Premium lighting makes all the difference

Indoor cultivators should invest in high-quality reflectors, lights, and hoods. High-intensity (HID) lights such as T5 fluorescent lights and high-pressure sodium (HPS) are recommended. If you prefer to keep energy expenditures down by using LEDs, be sure to purchase full-spectrum LED lights with modifiable wavelengths.

How to find dependable 420 financial services for cannabis cultivators

Cannabis cultivators and other operators require financial and commerce services just as much as any other business. Unfortunately, specialized assistance can still be difficult to find in many parts of the country. That’s where Confia comes in.

We provide cannabis operators with a range of financial services which include secure digital payments, cash deposits, digital check deposits, lending plans, B2B payments, assistance with legal compliance, and more. Contact us today to explore our membership plans and learn more about what we offer.

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