Empower Growth with the Confia Social Equity Program.

Members receive 50% off their regular fees, learn more below!

“Financial services should be an equal right for all business
owners, not a privilege for some.”


– Mark Lozzi, Confia CEO

Confia, in collaboration with our partners, has developed a program specifically tailored to assist eligible cannabis businesses in obtaining financial solutions without falling victim to predatory practices.

Our goal is to uplift deserving small businesses and leaders who have endured inequality, providing them with compliant and affordable financial services free from any discrimination. With this initiative, cannabis operators can now access the support they need to thrive in a fair and inclusive environment.

Program Benefits | Our Partners

Program Benefits

  • Program members get a 50% discount on standard commerce fees while retaining full access to all features and support.
  • Confia Equity members are introduced to our Equity partners and may have access to workshops and events, designed to provide insight and resources to elevate their business.


Founded in 2010, NCIA is the oldest, largest, and most effective trade association serving the cannabis industry. Our membership consists of hundreds of small businesses and tens-of-thousands of cannabis professionals who know that we are stronger and more prosperous when we work together to lift up our entire industry.

As the only national advocate for small cannabis businesses, NCIA works every day to advance policy reforms favorable to the whole industry — not just the wealthiest few.


The National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB) is the only self-regulatory organization whose mission is to support the compliance, transparency and growth of legal cannabis businesses in the U.S. Led by a team of government, legal, commerce and data security experts, the NACB helps member businesses establish voluntary national standards that demonstrate unerring business and compliance practices to consumers, regulators, and financial institutions. The NACB also provides members access to expertise, tools and services that are intended to help them enhance the value of their business and navigate the complex web of constantly shifting regulations they face every day.


Oakland Equity Collective’s primary objective is to help social equity cannabis brands emerge and evolve! For 18 months, we provide rent-free access to our shared manufacturing facility to six entrepeneurs at a time, providing resources for product development, taking products to retail, and much more! If you are a social equity applicant in Oakland or interested in seeing how OEC helps social equity brands, click the button below!


The mission of Equity Trade is to uplift and bring more awareness to business operators from communities that were marginalized by America’s failed War on Drugs. We aim to collectivize like-minded people who believe in lifting each other up for the purpose of creating a more sustainable and inclusive industry and beyond. By using our businesses and collective resources we can help heal the harms of past public policy, and each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of the Confia Social Equity Program?

Partnering with key organizations provides Confia with an avenue for our expanded vision and growth of social equity programs. Through our longstanding commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the cannabis industry, we hope to make a difference in the business and lives of those who have been continuously marginalized by the industry’s roadblocks.

Right now, it is difficult to access affordable financial services without predatory fees, and it is Confia’s goal to provide guidance, services, and support to our cannabis industry leaders who deserve it most.

Who is eligible to apply for the Confia Social Equity Program?

Any cannabis business which holds a membership with one of our Social Equity Partners, as well as any business recognized as a Social Equity Cannabis business at the State or Local level.

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