Social Equity Partnership Programs

"Financial services should be an equal right for all business owners,
not a privilege for some."

- Mark Lozzi, Confia CEO

Confia Partners with Ease Momentum and NCIA
to increase social equity in cannabis

Confia has partnered with Eaze Momentum and the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) to provide social equity members access to fair and affordable financial services. Designed to help qualifying cannabis businesses obtain financial solutions without predatory practices, Confia and our partners aim to elevate deserving small businesses and leaders who have suffered at the hands of inequality. Cannabis operators can now have access to compliant and affordable financial services barring all prejudice.


Through these programs, qualifying NCIA and Eaze Momentum participants will have access to Confia’s fair and affordable financial services solution along with expert financial compliance guidance for its social equity community.

Through a trusted advisor approach, the partnership with NCIA will make available other key professional services with the intention of encouraging access to fair and affordable services to Social Equity Scholarship Program (SESP) applicants. 

  • NCIA will oversee and validate all social equity applicants through the SESP. 
  • All of NCIA’s verified SESP members will be eligible for a fee of $250, which is an overall 50% discount.
  • Members will have access to specialized workshops that help provide further insight and resources to elevate minority cannabis businesses. 
  • Soon to come, this program will support Social Equity applicants in states where the Company is not licensed.

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Through this partnership, Confia aims to elevate deserving small businesses and leaders who have faced inequality and provide them with compliant and affordable financial services. 

  • Confia will provide Momentum participants and alumni with preferred financial services terms, access to financial planning resources, and banking fees of just $250 per month, which is an overall 50% discount.
  • Members will have access to workshops that are designed to provide further insight and resources to elevate cannabis businesses. 
  • Confia will financially sponsor Momentum’s grant program and host financial services workshops for cannabis business owners and members throughout the year.

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When you become part of either social equity partnership program, you will finally gain access to quality financial services that will help you grow your business.

Robust Service

We offer a wide scope of services as part of one handy transaction service.


Confia will clear your path to versatile and reliable funding options.


With refined banking at your disposal, your focus will be on your company’s growth.


Our payroll processing ensures you aren’t forced to pay your employees in cash.

Better Market

Consistent legal compliance means you’ll maintain good standing in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of the Confia Social Equity Program?

Partnering with NCIA and Eaze Momentum provides Confia with an avenue for our expanded vision and growth of social equity programs. Through both organizations’ longstanding commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the cannabis industry, together we hope to make a difference in the business and lives of those who have been continuously marginalized by the industry’s roadblocks. 

Right now, it is difficult to access affordable financial services without predatory fees, and it is Confia’s goal to provide guidance, services, and support to our cannabis industry leaders who deserve it most.

Who is eligible to apply for the Confia Social Equity Program?

Each program has different requirements for application approval. It is important to learn about each to decide what is the best fit for your operation. 

Learn about NCIA’s Social Equity Scholarship Program (SESP) requirements by clicking here

Learn about Eaze Momentum’s requirements by clicking here

You must be accepted by one of the above programs in order to have access to Confia’s Social Equity Partnership Program benefits.

Who is involved in the Confia Social Equity Program?

Currently, Confia has two partnerships. One is with the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) and the other with Eaze Momentum. 

NCIA is a valuable resource and contributor to the social equity community. As a trade association, membership unlocks exclusive member benefits that help give business owners a leg up on their competition. Some of these benefits include eligibility to serve on member-led committees, speaking opportunities at trade shows and webinars, content submissions to the industry insights blog as well as slots to serve on the Policy Council and Board of Directors.

Eaze Momentum cultivates the growth and success of underrepresented cannabis business founders by providing access to grants, education, and capital. Participants enrolled in the program receive a $50,000 grant, a 12-week business development program led by industry experts, and support from Eaze’s business, marketing, legal, and PR resources. After the 12-week program, participants pitch their businesses to industry-defining investors for the opportunity to raise additional funds.

Want to become involved? Reach out to us here.