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An all-in-one banking solution catering to the underserved and underbanked.

cannabis banking services

Access affordable banking services

At Confia, we provide all of the financial services your business requires to thrive. You will have a dedicated team of experts who understand the unique challenges of your industry, and access to the banking tools you need.

cannabis banking solutions

Empower your business through Confia’s innovative technology.

Payment APIs

Efficient. Secure. Flexible. Provide a better customer experience with access to Confia’s embedded payments.

Accounting Integations

Enhance operational efficiency by seamlessly integrating your banking services with your accounting system, resulting in improved cash flow management and real-time access to financial data.

AI-Driven Compliance

Minimize compliance efforts through our advanced Al capabilities. Enjoy improved accuracy, reduced compliance costs, and better risk management.

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

Understand your transactions and account activity with ease, utilizing Confia’s customizable reporting options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Confia Right For Me?

Confia specializes in serving underbanked industries and has the expertise and knowledge to understand the regulatory requirements, so you can count on secure banking services. If you would like to organize your business, expand your payment options, and have confidence in your compliance, then Confia is the partner for you.

How do I apply for a Confia Account?

Applying for a Confia account is easy. Select “Sign Up” on the website to begin your online application and provide us with information about your business.

How long does it take to get approved?

Our approval process is quick and easy. Most accounts are activated within 3-5 business days provided the correct information is submitted.

Can I deposit a check? When will I have access to the funds?

Check deposits are done through a mobile app on your phone for your convenience. Your funds will be deposited to your Confia account between 24-48 hours. No disruptive holds or delays.

Can Confia work with my Payroll provider?

Absolutely, Confia partners with many payroll providers. Simply share your account information with your chosen provider for smooth payments to your employees.

Can I deposit cash?

Transportation of cash is arranged with our vetted and insured armored car service, that works around your schedule.

Can I withdraw cash?

Cash withdrawals can be initiated from your online banking portal. Our armored car provider will deliver cash, or a change order conveniently to your door.

Payment Processing

We recognize that having access to payment processing is a powerful tool for our retail businesses. We will connect you with our many partners to find a solution that fits your needs.

Types of Payments

Pre-Authorized bill payments, ACH, Wire transfers, and checks are all available payment options with a Confia account.

Is my account FDIC insured?

Confia accounts are FDIC-eligible with an unlimited bank account balance.

Access To the Banking You Need.

Integrated with the systems you use.

cannabis banking services

Begin transacting in days, not weeks*

Payment Processing

Put an end to overpaying for processing fees once and for all.

All-in-One Platform
No Hidden Fees

Cannabis Banking

Access to all of the banking services you need to succeed and grow.

Convenient Payment Options
Mobile Check Deposit

Let's Work Together

About Confia, your trusted cannabis payment platform Confia assists budding cannabis operators in exploring the full potential of the cannabis industry. Our dependable cannabis business loans help you find your footing while our seamless payment processing solutions consistently aid your growth. Designed For B2B and B2C transactions, Confia was born out of the vital need for cannabis operators to have transparent, affordable, and efficient financial services that can support the compliance and transactional complexity of the cannabis industry. The movement of money is with Confia. What sets us apart from other cannabis financing companies Eliminate the impediments usually associated with running a weed dispensary or other businesses within the cannabis supply chain, by partnering up with Confia. With our holistic cannabis financial services, your business operations will unfold smoothly. We’ll accelerate your company’s rise to the top with a host of advantages: Comprehensive financial toolkit for every cannabis operator Dependable support for a scope of banking and finance needs Efficient, convenient, and flexible service Time-saving payment processing and payroll solutions for busy business owners Expert team committed to moving your business forward Alleviate unique obstacles that face every cannabis related business Our platform Our platform helps cannabis business owners conduct their financial operations and manage their finances remotely in a regulated and compliant fashion. By logging onto your secure cannabis account from any connected device, you can keep track of deposit balances, make transfers between accounts, and use other banking features. This tool is safe, efficient, and very helpful in optimizing your banking activities. Frequently Asked Questions Do banks work with cannabis companies? One of the most common problems encountered by cannabis operators is the question of how to get a cannabis banking account. Operators generally face many difficulties when it comes to banking services since cannabis is still federally classified as a Schedule 1 narcotic. There are few 420-friendly banks as they have to follow federal regulations. This makes everyday financial operations like cannabis consumer payments, payroll processing, and similar transactions an issue for many entrepreneurs in the field. With a trusted ally like Confia, you can get expert cannabis banking help from the leading professionals in the field of finance. We offer secure banking solutions, including electronic payments, payroll services, and more, facilitating this aspect of your business operations. Can I get a business loan for cannabis operators? Due to the fact that cannabis is still a Schedule 1 narcotic and illegal under federal law, it’s typically difficult to find cannabis-friendly banks and get dispensary loans, especially if you’re looking for startup funds for cannabis companies. Conventional financing options available to aspiring business owners in other industries aren’t feasible for cannabis operators because of federal regulations. If you’re wondering how to get funding for a dispensary or another business in the supply chain, there are other financial resources at your disposal. Confia is a network that gives your access to targeted cannabis financial services, including business loans. If you’re not sure how much you need to open a dispensary, we can help. Contact us today to explore your funding options and other available banking solutions. How do cannabis consumer payments work? While consumers most commonly use cash to purchase cannabis-based products, Confia is one of the cannabis credit card processing companies that helps you find a convenient digital alternative. We provide your consumers with options for electronic cannabis payments via secure channels. This way, they’ll be able to complete their non-cash transaction and obtain your product with minimum hassle. How can cannabis operators ensure compliance? Compliance is an important facet of your operations, which ensures that your financial dealings comply with legal requirements. This is why Confia offers a financial compliance program as part of our extensive banking solutions for cannabis operators. If you partner with us, count on a simple onboarding procedure, stringent compliance checks, regular reporting, tech-enabled filing, and other helpful services. We handle the financial compliance and banking services for cannabis operators so you can focus on building your brand. Where can I find trustworthy cannabis banking services? Our experienced specialists understand your needs and create custom banking solutions to meet them. As a registered Money Services Business with secure cannabis accounts, we cater to the professionals in the industry with affordable and convenient funding and banking options. We automate your financial operations using sophisticated technology. Our platform is rooted in a distributed ledger system, which makes for excellent auditability. Our team will be there to manage your transactions in an intuitive, transparent, and dependable way. Schedule a consultation with our experts today to get a bigger share of the market in California, Michigan, Massachusetts, or any other state that legalized marijuana.

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